Online Courses

I am so excited to share that I have an online botanical dyeing workshop now available through Domestika. Sign-up for online course here!

Create beautiful and unique designs with eco printing and natural dyeing. Learn how to create a botanical pattern with flowers and plants.

In this online course, you'll embark on an inspiring journey into the world of botanical dyeing with Amanda de Beaufort, a renowned botanical dyer and creator of unique prints. Amanda's expertise lies in harnessing the imperfection and unpredictable magic of botanical colors to create rich textures and vibrant hues that bring nature into our lives.

Throughout the course, Amanda will guide you through her intuitive and organic creative process of eco-printing with flowers and plants. You'll explore the diverse world of natural dyes, discovering their benefits, where to find them, and how they react. With Amanda's guidance, you'll learn how to choose the best fibers for your project and delve into the fascinating textures and patterns that can be created with resources from nature.

To start, you'll familiarize yourself with the essential materials and tools needed for botanical dyeing. Amanda will then walk you through the process of preparing your fibers for long-lasting prints and teach you a variety of bundle-dyeing techniques for unique compositions. You'll master the art of extracting colors through steaming, unveiling the vibrant results of your creations.