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Blumenhaus 2024

 "A unique story whispered by flowers and leaves," Blumenhaus interviews natural dyer Amanda de Beaufort.

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New York Times 2023

"Priced Out of the City, They Bought a Tiny Suburban Home. Now What?"

The 900-square-foot house had three bedrooms, but the children’s were shoe-box size. Updating them required ingenuity and ideas from “An American in Paris.”

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Domino 2022

"This Chair Got Its Candy-Colored Speckles From None Other Than Flowers—Here’s How" DIY on dyeing your own fabric.

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T Magazine 2023

Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Guide: What T Editors Covet Most Right Now

Essentials for a romantic night at home, sophisticated sweets and more recommendations from T Magazine features a_db botanical color's apron.

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New York Times 2023

Our Flower Power socks are featured in "The 24 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her"

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Broccoli Magazine 2023

Our Flower Power socks are featured in the print magazine Broccoli.

Gardenista 2022

"5 Flowers to Grow for a Starter Natural Dyes Garden," a dye garden starter guide.

In a town crackling with talented creatives of all types, Amanda de Beaufort stands out. Professionally known as Dyekween, Amanda is the textiles artist behind a_db_botanical color, a line of naturally dyed linens that has spawned collaborations with longstanding brands like Anthropologie and indie fashion label rag & bone.

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Remodelista 2020

Color Explosion: Linens Imbued with Natural Plant Dyes

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Remodelista 2023

From Chaos to Calm: A 900-Square Foot House Reimagined for a Family of 4. Amanda de Beaufort's home is featured in a remodeling story.

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New York Times 2024

Flower Power Socks featured in the Mother's Day gift guide.

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5th/26th Journal 2019

Interview with Amanda de Beaufort on topics of inspiration and craft

Hearth Co. 2022

Interview with Amanda de Beaufort on botanical dyeing

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